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Capstar™ Blue Flea Control Tablets for Dogs & Cats 0.5 -11 kg (2 - 24 lbs) (6 Tablets)

by Elanco
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Capstar™ Flea Control Tablets for Dogs & Cats 0.5 -11 kg (2 - 24 lbs)(6 Tablets)


Fast-acting flea knockdown. Capstar™ offers rapid and effective relief from fleas and should be used any day you find fleas on your cat or dog. Delivered in a small tablet Capstar™ won’t rub or wash off, or leave a messy residue on your pet. Capstar™ has a rapid onset of action – starts killing fleas within 30 minutes – and continues to rapidly kill fleas for 24 hours.


  • Rapid action - starts killing fleas in 30 minutes and lasts 24 hours
  • Can be dosed directly into the mouth, or mixed in with food
  • Can be used in puppies and kittens from 4 weeks of age


For rapid and prolonged flea control in dogs and cats.

Directions for Use:

Treatment can begin on any day when fleas are seen on the animal, and repeated on any subsequent day fleas are seen.

Capstar should be given orally, with or without food. No more than one treatment should be given per day.

For dogs or cats weighing Capstar dose
0.5 – 11 kg 1 x Cats & Small Dogs tablet
11.1 – 57 kg 1 x Large Dogs tablet
Over 57.1 kg 1 x Large Dogs tablet plus 1 x Cats & Small Dogs tablet for every 11 kg over 57 kg

Active Ingredient:


Package Size:

6 Tablets per card

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