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Jean-Paul Nutraceuticals Vision Regen for Cats & Dogs

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Jean-Paul Nutraceuticals Vision Regen for Cats & Dogs (30 sachets)


JPN Vision Regen for Cats & Dogs has two products within each sachet and is made with ingredients that help optimise the repair processes of the eyes.
  • Contains a capsule & soft gel to be taken together.
  • Helps to optimise repair processes of the eye.
  • Aids in maintaining & recovering vision.
  • Reduces eye inflammation.
  • Improves micro-capillary circulation.
  • Maintain good vision especially for the ageing animal.

Suitable for cats & dogs of all ages. Especially recommended for older pets with cataracts and diminishing vision.

Content: 30 sachets. Each sachet holds 2 dark capsules and 2 golden soft gels
containing the following active ingredients:

Dark Capsule [2 Capsules]:
Lutein 5mg
Zeaxanthin 1mg
Beta Carotene 10,000 IU
Vitamin C 50mg
Vitamin E 50 IU
Bilberry Extract 60mg
Eyebright Extract 125mg

Golden Soft gel [2 Soft gels]
Concentrated Omega-3 triglycerides 500mg

Small dogs or cats (below 4kg):
Use 1 sachet twice a week

Dogs or cats (between 5kg to 9kg)
Use 1 sachet on alternate days

Dogs between (10kg to 19kg)
Use 1 sachet daily
Dogs (20kg and above)
Use 1 sachet twice daily

Please Note:
Each sachet contains 1 dark capsule and 1 golden soft gel.

Dose may be increased as recommended by a health professional.

Product Quantity
30 sachets in 1 box
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