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Labyderm Premium Cover 2ml

by Labyes

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Labyderm Premium Cover 2ml


Used to protect and deeply nourish normal skin, reducing the damage caused by daily exposure (UV rays, pollution, microorganisms, irritants, etc). It is also recommended for repairing damaged skin; in generalized lesions due to skin pathologies, or more focused lesions such as burns, irritations, excoriations, and to promote skin healing. As an aid in treatments of various dermatopathies, with the purpose of nourishing and repairing the cutaneous barrier while attacking the etiological cause.

Contains : 

Onopordum acanthium extract 3g + Ceramides 3g + Calendula officinalis extract 2g + Hydroxiethil urea 2g + Omega 3 fatty acids extract 1g + Vitamins A, E , F nanospheres 1g + Proceramides 0.5g + Disodium EDTA 0.2g + Excipients q.s. 100ml

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