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ManukaSafe Honey Pet Spray (10ml)

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ManukaSafe Honey Pet Spray (10ml Spray) 

ManukaSafe Pet Spray is designed to harness all the powerful healing properties of New Zealand Medical Grade Manuka Honey in a revolutionary and easy to use spray bottle

With a plethora of research and projects conducted overtime, New Zealand Manuka Honey has proven to have a high level of anti-bacterial and healing properties. With the lack of natural medical products within the medical industry, Manuka Honey has been the most prominent and natural product to use. For any wound care treatment and management, researchers found Manuka Honey to be highly effective against all types of bacteria, viral and infectious pathogens.

Its level of potency has been found through levels of Methylglyoxal and total phenols content, measured in a UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) rating. With an immense amount of beneficial healing properties, Medical Grade Manuka Honey has been adopted by the medical profession as a component that is truly revolutionary and groundbreaking. The US Food and Drug Administration has approved Manuka Honey as an effective wound healing product for human application. Extensively, such products have been adopted by the medical authorities such as the NHS in the UK and advanced wound care clinics.
To simplify the science behind New Zealand Medical Grade Manuka Honey, we have listed below the powerful benefits it has on your health and well-being:

Natural Anti-Bacterial Action:
New Zealand Manuka Honey has the efficacy to eliminate almost all bacteria types to any affected area associated with infection. Types of infections such as:
5.Major Surgical Wounds
6.Harmful Oral Bacteria

Methylglyoxal is the compound within Manuka Honey able to fight the infected areas. It will eliminate the harmful bacteria in the affected area of the body, enabling the opportunity to heal and repair.

Anti-Inflammatory Action and Pain Relief
The slow healing of wounds, cuts, grazes and abrasions is a result of an affected area being inflamed due to the body’s natural way to react. The inflammation is what slows down the healing process and reignites the initial pain associated with the affected area. Manuka Honey has a natural and unique anti-inflammatory component that is able to decrease irritation, pain and eliminate any bacterial infection. With the decrease in inflammation, Manuka Honey provides a soothing process for the affected area to heal. 

Oral Hygiene
Manuka Honey is able to attack harmful oral bacteria associated with:
1.Plaque formation
2.Gum inflammation
3.Tooth decay
Research has shown Manuka Honey has a high anti-bacterial component, effective in eliminating the growth of harmful oral bacteria. It is able to reduce the pain associated with gum and tooth infection as well as the formation of plaque.

Anti-Microbial action and Natural removal of foreign matter
Manuka Honey has the ability to draw away dirt and unwanted material from an area that is infected with bacteria. While doing so, it is able to provide a unique protective barrier, preventing microbial infections from occurring within the affected area.

Ingredients : Medical Grade Manuka Honey, Sterile Water,Gluconolactone, Sodium benzoate (Organic Natural Preservative) and Xanthan gum (Natural thickener)

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