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2023 - New Formation

2023 - New Formation

Last year, Lynn had penned on 2021 & 2022 and our plans for the year. This year, it's my turn to do so. 

2022 was a year that we explored further into the pet pharmacy / dispensary arena. We were awarded Singapore’s first AVS approved license dispensary. It had not been an easy task, glad that we have gotten through it.

With the approval from AVS as the first licensed dispensary, we thought that a re-designed of our site to include more categories and animal types would reach more pet parents. 

We have also strengthened our partnership with not only brick and mortar clinics but mobile and online ones too. We are grateful for all the support that they have given us.

We were also honored to be featured on OCBC social media as their banking partner. (We both loved the shoot that was done with our lovely pets that inspired us to embark on this journey).

2023 - New Formation

For the new year, we will be continuing to forge more partnerships locally and beyond. More product range will also be included – TCM (Traditional Chinese Medications for one) in terms of supplements and more. If there are products that you would like us to include in our range, do drop us a massage, we’re happy to explore more into it.

As the team grows in 2023, Lynn and I will be taking a back seat on the daily operations with more management roles. Leaving it in the hands of our capable team of Vets and Vet Techs. They are a wonderful team and will be more than happy to assist. Just Whatsapp on our business number should you have any questions. 

Lynn and I would like to thank all our MAD customers and friends that have supported us in 2022 and your continuing support with us on our journey! 

Photo Courtesy of OCBC Bank 

Best Wishes, 



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