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2024- Beyond Our Shores

2024- Beyond Our Shores

Looking back on 2023, it has been an exciting year. We were featured in several media : Vulcan Post联合早报, 新明日报, Weekender, e27. We also had an opportunity to be interviewed on radio by CNA93.8 and MONEY FM89.3.

We now have our very own MAD Van (aka Suzie). If you do see Suzie zooming by, we are on our way delivering your orders :) 

Our e-dispensary shop have taken off with vet clinics. You will soon be able to purchase your medications via shop link located on your favorite vet clinc website. Do look out for more of our e-dispensaries powered by MAD in 2024! 

We have also started a partnership to do compounding medications. Should there be a need, we are able to assist with medications that are specially catered to your pet individual needs.

You can now get fresh frozen dog food that are catered to special needs. Our range of Petcubes Prescription Diets : Ketogenic Diet, Renal Support, Digestive Support and Pancreas Support

We are growing our team and are on the lookout for pharmacist and nutritionist. If you know of anyone, do drop us a mail

Lynn and I are thankful for the media features which created much awareness for our online dispensary. Vet clinics that are our partners for our e-dispensary and the other clinics/ mobile vets/ housecall vets that work with us. 

We would like to thank all that have supported us. Your trust and enthusiasm have been the driving force behind our success, and we couldn't be more thankful.

We look forward to your continuing support as we grow MAD beyond our shores. 

Photo Credit : MoneyFM89.3

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