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PSA:  Hill's® Prescription Diet® Updates

PSA: Hill's® Prescription Diet® Updates

This is a public service announcement to inform all Hill's® Prescription Diet® customers of new updates to packaging, with some formulation improvements.


How many formulas are changing and which ones?

In Singapore, there are 13 dry formula changes that are recommended for a feeding transition. Please review the chart below to understand which products are recommended for feeding transition:

 Species Transition Recommended Product
c/d kibbles
h/d kibbles
j/d kibbles
k/d kibbles
metabolic kibbles
r/d kibbles
t/d kibbles
u/d kibbles
c/d kibbles
i/d kibbles
k/d kibbles
metabolic kibbles
w/d kibbles


Are Hill’s Prescription Diet product’s aesthetics such as food color, shape, or size going to change?

Yes. Hill’s is committed to improving the taste of their products and has utilized the latest taste technology for pets, along with a combination of high quality ingredients & optimized kibble shape to deliver an outstanding meal experience.
Kibble plays an important role in pet enjoyment and the physical appearance is often viewed by pet owners as a sign of quality. The shape change from cylinder to disk helps improve kibble integrity and reduces surface damage, crumbs, fines and grinds that are sometimes found at the bottom of the bag. 

These changes bring kibble consistency across two key areas:

  • Kibble shape is now consistent across the entire Prescription Diet portfolio
  • The kibble experience is now consistent across all Hill’s brands. 

Will the Guaranteed Analysis change on any of the formulas?

Yes, there are changes based on minor formula changes.

Is a 7-day feeding transition period recommended for products with a formulation change?

Yes, a recommendation for a 7-day transition period is provided anytime a formula change results in significant changes to the ingredients used or the taste of the product to ensure a smooth transition to the new food. We recommend gradually transitioning over 7 days or more.

Should we require further product information or support, who can we contact?

Hill’s Consumer Hotline: +65 8004922469

Hours: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday through Friday

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