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Senior Pets

Senior Pets

Much like us, our pets also go through the process of aging. The average lifespan of dogs and cats range between 10 and 20 years, with shorter lifespans for pocket pets like hamsters and guinea pigs.

It is therefore important to start thinking ahead and preparing our pets' bodies for their senior days. Prevention is always better than cure!

Our pets bodies age similar to ours, and common diseases occur in their heart, liver and kidney functions. Vision and hearing deteriorates as well, and cancer can occur too.

Extra attention should be paid to pets that have had previous episodes of serious illness, for example, in pets that have recovered from Parvovirus before, their intestinal function may be more fragile than pets that have never had Parvovirus. Pets that are prone to skin issues can also be more at risk of immunocompromise.

Hence, knowledge of your pet's medical history is important as an owner to determine what signs to look out for that warrant a veterinary visit, and also to determine the appropriate supplements to support healthy aging. 

You will be surprised at the value of initiating a good supplement support regime as your pet ages, oftentimes it helps delay or prevent serious illness that can be extremely distressing and stressful to both owners and pets.  

If you have any questions on supplement recommendations, our in-house veterinary consultant is available to help you out with supplementation programmes to suit your pet. Whatsapp us!



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