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The Importance of Dental Health and Oral Care for Pets

The Importance of Dental Health and Oral Care for Pets

Much like us, our beloved pets require regular dental maintenance and care to keep their pearly whites healthy, and appetites hearty.

Animals' teeth are subject to the same risk of dental ailments as us, with gingivitis and periodontitis manifesting from excessive plaque and tartar accumulation.

Some typical signs of oral discomfort exhibited by animals include bad breath, excessive grinding of teeth, drooling, licking and swallowing, inappetance and/or food refusal, especially in pets fed a solid diet such as kibble.

It is important to start implementing a regular dental maintenance program as soon as your pet has a full set of adult teeth. Short nosed breeds such as Bulldogs and Chihuahuas, are also more prone to retained baby teeth, and may require extraction by a registered veterinarian, to reduce the risk of impaction and infection.

Daily brushing with pet safe enzymatic toothpaste gel is recommended to prevent plaque and tartar buildup and Oratene Toothpaste Gel for dogs and cats is a veterinarian recommended product meant for this. Simply use it with a soft baby toothbrush or fingerbrush to gently brush tooth surfaces everyday.

Dental chews are a good addition to your pet's dental regime and there are a plethora of choices available in the market today. Be cautious with feeding your pet cooked bones for chewing though, as these are prone to splintering and can cut the mouth and gums. A grisly sight, and also a risk for bacteria entering the bloodstream.

For added prevention, or for pets that are sensitive to handling of the mouth, Oratene Water Additive is an odourless and tasteless, convenient product that is added to their water bowl and acts to kill plaque producing bacteria upon drinking.

Diets play a central role in dental health and hygiene too. Hill's Prescription Diet T/D range addresses this need with their proprietary kibble shape and hardness, to remove plaque buildup while providing optimum nutrition for your pet.

Of course, regular visits to your preferred family veterinarian should be arranged for necessary checks and cleaning if necessary. 

How do you maintain your furry family's dental health and hygiene? Do share your tips, tricks and stories with us at our Facebook and Instagram pages! 

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