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Advocate Fleas & Heartworm Prevention for Extra Large Dog (25kg and above)

by Elanco

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Advocate Fleas & Heartworm Prevention for Extra Large Dog (25kg and above)

Your dog must be up to date with heartworm prevention in order to be prescribed heartworm medication. Please see your veterinarian for a heartworm test if your pet is not currently on heartworm prevention or has missed more than 2 doses.

Do not start in puppies below eight (8) weeks of age.
All pets above six (6) months of age who are not on a current heartworm prevention program must be tested for existing heartworm infection before starting treatment with this medication.
Keep this and all drugs out of the reach of children. In case of ingestion by humans, clients should be advised to contact a physician immediately.


Advocate, a patented combination of Imidacloprid (from Advantage) and Moxidectin, is a break-through in the treatment of parasites in dogs. Advocate treats, protects and prevents infestations of major parasites of your pet, inside and out.

TreatĀ - Eliminate existing parasite infections.
ProtectĀ - Continuous coverage, as one application lasts a full month.
PreventĀ - New infestations are prevented.

Advocate is the most convenient way to protect your pet as it is the only spot-on product to control fleas, heartworm and gastrointestinal worms in dogs.Ā 

Fast Flea Control and Prevention:Ā Imidacloprid spreads rapidly over your pet, killing 98-100% of adult fleas within 12 hours of application. In addition, Imidacloprid controls flea larvae in the petā€™s environment and reduces the incidence of Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD).

Heartworm Prevention:Ā After application, Moxidectin enters your petā€™s bloodstream and with monthly use will prevent heartworm infection in dogs.

Treatment, Protection and Prevention of Gastrointestinal Worms:Ā Advocate's unsurpassed efficacy against adult, immature and L4 larval stages of hookworms and roundworms assures protection against environmental contamination and prevents reinfestation of your pet.

Control of Ear Mite:Ā For the treatment of ear mites, Advocate is highly effective as a single dose.

Treatment and Control of Demodex:Ā Demodex is a skin mite that can cause a potentially debilitating skin condition in dogs. Monthly application of Advocate for 2 to 4 treatments is highly effective in the treatment of this condition.

Treatment and Prevention of Sarcoptic Mange:Ā Advocate eliminates 100% of sarcoptic mange mites after a single dose.

Ā Indication:Ā 

Treatment ,control and prevention of flea infestations, control of flea allergyĀ dermattis, prevention of heartworm disease and the treatment of ear mite inĀ dogs. Treatment and control of sarcoptic mange, hookworm & roundworm.

Active Ingredients:Ā 

Imidacloprid 100g/L, moxidectin 25 g/L

Package Size:

3 single use application pipettes per casette


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