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Dechra TrizEDTA Aqueous Flush For Dogs & Cats

by Dechra
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Dechra TrizEDTA Aqueous Flush For Dogs & Cats

Dechra TrizEDTA Aqueous Flush is a multi-cleanse ear and skin solution for use in dogs and cats. It is used as an otic cleansing solution, a pretreatment solution and when an alkalinizing treatment is indicated.

TrizEDTA has three principal functions in ear management:
As an antibacterial flush
As an alkalinising solution
As an antibiotic potentiating agent

533 mg Tromethamine (Tris) USP, 141 mg Edetate Disodium Dihydrate (EDTA) USP, buffered to pH 8 with Tromethamine HCl (after reconstituting with 112 mL distilled water).

Pack Size : 118ml

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