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F10 Wound Spray with Insecticide

by F10
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F10 Wound Spray with Insecticide



F10 ready to use disinfectant is formulated in compliance with international regulations and standards for disinfectants used to inactivate coronaviruses (COVID-19). 

A topical spot application liquid spray effective against bacteria and fungi to treat wounds and prevent reinfection and repel flies or prevent or eliminate infestation due to fly strike.


  • One initial application of the F10 Wound Spray to the infested area for 5 seconds (3-5 squirts) would normally result in complete removal of maggots.
  • Treatment daily/weekly with more application of Wound Spray or with F10 Germicidal Barrier Ointment with Insecticide to avoid re-infection.
  • If flystrike danger is high, use the F10 Germicidal Wound Spray with Insecticide as a preventive control measure after diarrhoea or urinary incontinence, for example.
  • The wound spray can be used as an alternative to F10 Germicidal Barrier Ointment with Insecticide when wounds are inaccessible



Particularly useful for the management of flystrike/maggot wound management.

Active Ingredients:

Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, Poly(hexamethylene biguanide) Hydrochloride, Ethanol, Cypermethrin (0.25 percent) and Piperonyl Butoxide (1.25 percent)

Package Size:

100ml or 500ml spray bottles

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