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GoodGut Probiotic Treats for Dogs and Cats

by Goodgut
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GoodGut Probiotic Treats for Dogs and Cats

GoodGut Probiotic Treats contains a potent blend of beneficial probiotic strains, promoting a healthy gut flora. Kidney and Liver-friendly treat as ingredients used do not increase BUN levels. 

Features :

  • Enhances digestive well-being of dogs and cats
  • Free from additives, chemicals, artificial colouring, GMOs, growth hormones, gluten, nuts, corn, flavorings, antibiotics and preservatives.
  • Benefit Skin and Coat Health
  • Strengthens and Boosts immune system
  • Probiotics regulate inflammations

Ingredients :

Fermented Organic Oatmeal, Lactobacillus blend, Lutein

Feeding Guidelines :

1kg to 5kg - 3-5 pieces

5.01kg to 10kg - 5-10 pieces

10.01kg to 18kg - 10-15 pieces

18.01kg to 36kg - 15-20 pieces

36.01kg to 50kg - 20-35 pieces

Storage : Keep in cool and dry area, away from direct heat and light. To retain best quality of treats, keep in airtight container in fridge.

Package Size :


Contains estimated 90-100 pieces of GoodGut Probiotic Treats

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