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Hartmann's Solution (Sodium Lactate) 500mL / 1000mL

by Braun
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Hartmann's Solution (Sodium Lactate) 500mL / 1000mL

Intravenous infusion with Sodium Lactate compound (Hartmanns Solution).

Hartmanns IV Infusion Solution is formulated according to medical-grade standards.


  • Isotonic with the blood
  • Great replacement of lost mineral salts/body fluids


For subcutaneous fluid therapy as indicated by your veterinarian.

Ingredients (per 100mL):

Sodium Chloride 0.600g
Sodium Lactate 0.312g
Potassium Chloride 0.040g
Calcium Chloride 0.027g
Sterile Water for Injection 100mL


Package Size:

500ml or 1000ml per bottle. 

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