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Lactogold U Gel - Love for Renal

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LactoGold U Gel - Love for Renal 15mL

A unique formulation scientifically proven to utilise probiotics effectively, improving and maintenance of kidney health, optimisation of detoxification processes, strengthen the immune system. 


  • Different strains of Probiotics which naturally enhance, maintain and restore renal health and gut
  • Great for Dogs and Cats with Kidney-related diseases, undergoing or recurring Urinary Tract Infections and with elevated BUN levels

Active Ingredients:

Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Streptococcus thermophilus, Barley, Calcium, Inulin, Oil, Xanthum Gum


Therapeutic Doses :

Cats and Dogs below 6kg - 1ml, 2 times a day

Dogs :

6kg - 12kg - 2ml, 2 times a day

12kg - 18kg - 3ml, 2 times a day

18kg - 24kg - 4ml, 2 times a day

24kg - 30kg - 5ml, 2 times a day

30kg - 36kg - 6ml, 2 times a day

36kg - 42kg - 7ml, 2 times a day

42kg - 48kg - 8ml, 2 times a day

Maintenance Day

Cats and Dogs below 6kg - 1ml, alternate days

Dogs :

6kg - 12kg - 2ml, alternate days

12kg - 18kg - 3ml, alternate days

18kg - 24kg - 4ml, alternate days

24kg - 30kg - 5ml, alternate days

30kg - 36kg - 6ml, alternate days

36kg - 42kg - 7ml, alternate days

42kg - 48kg - 8ml, alternate days


Feed orally 2 hours apart from antibiotics following the recommended dose, or as directed by the veterinary surgeon.

Package Size:

15mL per syringe (keep refrigerated)

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