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Dechra MalAcetic Otic Ear Cleanser 118ml

by Dechra
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Dechra MalAcetic Otic Ear Cleanser (118ml)

MalAcetic Otic is an ear cleanser for dogs and cats. It is formulated to help reduce the presence and growth of bacteria and fungus in the ear. It contains acetic acid and boric acid which helps reduce the presence of growth of bacteria and fungus, clears away wax and debris and dries out the ear to reduce excessive moisture. Consult your veterinarian before using this product and follow their recommendations for your pet.

Key benefits:

  • An ear flush to support ear health
  • Removes wax and cleanses the ear canal

Ingredients: Water, glycerine, polysorbate 20, 2% acetic acid, 2% boric acid, fragrance, sodium hydroxide.

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