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Manuka Vet Hot Spot & Wound Salve 2oz

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Mānuka Vet Hot Spot & Wound Salve is an advanced new topical antimicrobial ointment formulation of powerful all-natural ingredients specially selected to rapidly soothe raw and irritated skin and heal hot spots and minor wounds in companion animals.

Veterinary formulated Mānuka Vet Hot Spot & Wound Salve contains 60% high potency New Zealand medical grade Mānuka honey, bee propolis and beeswax which, with calendula, all contribute to a powerful and proven antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic action on the pathogens associated with hot spots and infection in wounds.

Irritated skin is quickly relieved by the soothing, anti-itch action of natural oat grain, in colloidal form, and bee propolis also exerts a useful anaesthetic like effect to de-sensitize the damaged skin. The lanolin is an effective emollient which, with the Mānuka honey, will hydrate and soften the affected areas.

  • 100% natural - free of petrochemicals, parabens, contaminants

  • Heals and protects wounds against infection      

  • pH balanced for canine & feline skin

  • Nurtures the skin and helps to restore its barrier function

  • Contains a bittering agent

  • Acts fast to help relieve irritation and discomfort

Country of origin: New Zealand 

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