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NHV ALGE-EX Dietary Supplement 100ml

by NHV
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NHV ALGE-EX Dietary Supplement 100ml 

For Environmental and Seasonal Allergies

Targeted for: - Allergies - Hay fever Formulated to fight environmental and seasonal allergies, and hay fever.

It helps to prevent and reduces symptoms like itchy watery eyes, itchy face and ears, sneezing during an acute allergy attack. It may reduce inflamed or scabbed skin too. Your pet's immune system will respond and react to everyday allergens found in the environment. For instance: pollen, grass, mold, and dust mites. They can also be allergic to certain household products such as cleaners; carpet fibers; deodorizers; insecticides; rubber; etc, which causes their immune system to overreact to these common non-harmful environmental substances.

ALGE-EX can help support histamine and your pet’s immune response activity by using herbs that safe and natural. NHV ALGE-EX is an all natural dietary supplement suitable for dogs and cats, and it is also safe for all animals, reptiles, and avians.

Dosage: Twice daily. Follow the weight chart on the product packaging.

Ingredients: Eyebright (herb), Feverfew (herb), Sweet Goldenrod (herb), Echinacea Angustifolia (root), Ginger (root)

Other Ingredients : Purified Water, Glycerin.

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