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NHV MILK THISTLE Dietary Supplement 100ML

by NHV
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NHV MILK THISTLE Dietary Supplement 100ML

100% Natural Liver and Kidney Detox and Cancer Support Targeted for: - Liver disorder - Liver Failure - Cancer - Liver cysts - Inflamed liver - Kidney issues - Hyperthyroidism - Canine hepatitis - Cushing's disease

Detoxifies the liver and kidneys by removing toxins that can build up in a pet's system when taking pharmaceuticals or from chemical-laden foods. Improves liver and kidney function, supports regeneration of the liver, and supports overworked kidneys. Also has antioxidant properties and may benefit as an anticancer support.

NHV MILK THISTLE is an all natural dietary supplement suitable for dogs and cats, and it is also safe for all animals, reptiles, and avians.

Dosage: Twice daily. Follow the weight chart on the product packaging.

Ingredients: Milk Thistle (seed)

Other Ingredients: Purified Water, Glycerin

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