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Underdog Single Novel Protein Pet Treats

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Underdog Single Novel Protein Pet Treats


  • Veterinarian curated range of lean, novel protein treats
  • Suitable for pets with food allergies derived from common meat proteins
  • Suitable for pets on low fat diets (treat sparingly - pork not recommended)
  • Suitable for pets on weight loss diets

Use Instructions:

Use as training treats, especially useful for pets undergoing single protein food trials. Choose the same novel protein that your pet is on.

It is always best to check with your veterinarian on the suitability of the product for your pet. 


Pollock: 100% Pollock Fillet

Pork: 100% Pork Loin

Turkey: 100% Turkey Breast

Crocodile: 100% Crocodile Flank Steak

Kangaroo: 100% Kangaroo Boneless Leg

Venison: 100% Venison Boneless Leg

Typical Analysis:

 Pollock Pork Turkey Crocodile
Protein 81% min 73% min 80% min 82% min
Fat 5% min 7% min 3% min 5% min
Fibre 2% max 2% max 2% max 3% max
Moisture 9% max 3% max 2% max 5% max


Package Size:

Pollock 80g per pack

Pork 80g per pack

Turkey 80g per pack

Crocodile 60g per pack

Kangaroo 60g per pack

Venison 60g per pack

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