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Vetoquinol Propalin Syrup for Urinary Incontinence For Dogs

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Vetoquinol Propalin Syrup for Urinary Incontinence For Dogs

This is a prescription medicine. A prescription is required from your veterinarian before we can supply this product. Please ensure that you have read the "How to Order" page before ordering this item. The original, physical copy of the accompanying prescription will be collected upon delivery.


Treatment of urinary incontinence associated with urethral sphincter insufficiency in female dogs. 

Propalin is used to treat urinary incontinence in neutered female dogs. Propalin is used in cases where urethral sphincter mechanism incompetence (SMI) is the underlying cause of the incontinence. Propalin contains phenylpropanolamine which stimulates the nerves that control the urethra and cause it to hold closed more firmly, therefore preventing the leaking of urine. Propalin is only effective in neutered female dogs and is not useful in cases of inappropriate urination with underlying behavioural causes. Treatment with Propalin is usually lifelong.

Propalin Tips:

Propalin should only be given to neutered female dogs
Propalin should be used as directed by your Vet
Propalin is given three times a day
Propalin is a clear, colourless liquid, given by mouth
If you suspect side effects from Propalin then contact your Vet
If your pet has received an overdose of Propalin, contact your Vet for advice
The dose of Propalin is based on weight so weigh your pet regularly
Propalin is available as bottles of either 30ml or 100ml
Store Propalin under 250C but not refrigerated
Discard open Propalin after 3 months
Potential Side Effects of Propalin Syrup for Dogs

Propalin can cause inappetance, loose stools or diarrhoea
Propalin may cause restlessness and in severe cases collapse
Propalin may increase blood pressure and heart rate and can cause arrhythmias
These side effects can resolve if treatment is stopped
Do not use Propalin in pregnant or lactating animals
If you suspect side effects then call your vet for advice
An overdose of Propalin can cause severe cases of the above side effects
If you suspect an overdose then call your vet as soon as possible
Wash hands if Propalin comes into contact with the skin
Propalin should be used with care in animals with Diabetes, Cushings, Liver and Kidney disease

Dosage and Administration:

Propalin is a clear, colourless syrup
Propalin is given orally, three times a day
Propalin comes with a 1.5ml graduated syringe for ease of dosing
The dose of Propalin is 0.8mg phenylpropanolamine per kg bodyweight
This equates to 0.1ml Propalin syrup per 5kg bodyweight
Do not change the dose rate without speaking to your vet first
Propalin is better absorbed on an empty stomach
Propalin is available in 30ml and 100ml bottles
The dose is based on your pet’s weight so weigh your pet regularly

Active Ingredient : Phenylpropanolamine hydrochloride 50mg/ml

Package Size: Dispensed according to prescription.

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