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Derm Month: Allergies, Sensitivities and Other Skin Ailments

Derm Month: Allergies, Sensitivities and Other Skin Ailments

Tropical climates like Singapore can trigger more allergies manifesting in our pets. Similar to humans, pets can develop skin irritation and allergies too! 

Typical signs of skin irritation in animals include:

  • constant scratching, chewing, licking at "hotspots" (overgrooming)
  • red, raw,"hotspots" developing anywhere on the body
  • hair loss
  • greasy coat
  • dull coat
  • strong odour
  • dandruff flakes present on the coat
  • head shaking
  • discoloured paw pad area

Common causes of skin complaints in pets can be bacterial, fungal, allergies, ectoparasites and/or diet induced. 

Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks as we share more regarding common skin issues faced by pets in Singapore. 

As usual, if you have any burning questions/topics you would like us to cover, do let us know if the comments!


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