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What is a Prescription?

What is a Prescription?

What is a prescription?

A prescription is a formal document from a licenced veterinarian to a pharmacist, authorizing them to dispense a specific prescription medication for a specific patient.

Prescriptions are important to maintain the quality and integrity of veterinary healthcare provision, by ensuring that the appropriate medication is ordered by the attending licenced veterinarian, and dispensed in the appropriate amounts with dosing instructions to treat the patient.

A prescription document must contain:

  • Date of issue
  • Name, signature and stamp of the prescribing veterinarian 
  • Address of the registered veterinary clinic/business
  • Details of the person to whom the prescription is issued
  • Details of the pet for which the prescription is intended for
  • Details of the medication including the quantity prescribed, the frequency of dosage, the instructions as to the administration of the medication, the drug withdrawal period (if any) and any necessary warnings
  • If the prescription is repeatable, details including the number of times, and the time period between which, the medication may be supplied under the prescription

*Please note that we only accept prescriptions issued by locally registered veterinary clinics and licenced veterinarians. 

Example of a veterinary prescription:

If you already have a prescription from your attending veterinarian, simply:

  1. click on the relevant medication as specified in the prescription,
  2. proceed to order the specified quantity,
  3. upload a scanned copy of the prescription at the payment page,
  4. Your order will be delivered to your door!

If you do not have a prescription, fret not. We have partnered with ZumVet to provide video call consultations with registered veterinarians for your prescription needs! Just click here or on “Need a Prescription” at the relevant medication's page, schedule a video call consult, and your prescription will head on it’s way to you! It’s that simple!

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